Outsourced General Counsel

Are you implementing a new business structure but don’t want to hire a full-time in-house attorney for a long period of time?

Our Outsourced General Counsel program provides solutions to the problems in franchising for a fixed fee. We analyze your current Franchise Disclosure Document and agreements to identify the issues affecting your deals and create a franchise framework with improvements in these areas

  • Franchise Disclosure Document State Registrations, Filings, Renewals, Maintenance, and Modifications
  • Franchise Agreement Preparation and Negotiations
  • Trademark Registration, Maintenance, and Protection
  • Business Transactions
  • Franchise Sales Compliance
  • Implement and Monitor Franchisee Compliance Records
  • Counseling and Continued Education
  • Competitive Structuring
  • Assistant with real estate legal issues

Awards and Recognitions

Our Firm and our attorneys have received numerous awards and recognitions for their expertise and achievements. For a listing of awards, click here “AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS”
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  • Ranked #7 in Legal in Franchise Suppliers 2021
  • Ranked #8 in Legal in Franchise Suppliers 2020
  • Ranked #15 in Legal in Franchise Suppliers 2018
  • 2018 Top Franchise Suppliers List granted by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2018
  • 2020 Top Franchise Suppliers granted by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2020
  • Award Name Best Law Firms granted by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers in 2018
  • Award Name Boutique Law Firm of the Month granted by Attorney At Law Magazine in 2014
  • Award Name Best Law Firms granted by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers in 2022 – (Warshawsky Seltzer PLLC is regionally ranked in 1 practice area of Franchise Law & Regional Rankings Scottsdale Silver Badges Tier 2 in Franchise Law).
  • Warshawsky Seltzer, Pllc awarded the USA Best Franchise Law Firm – Arizona (Acquisition International 2019 Legal Awards)
  • Warshawsky Seltzer, Pllc awarded for Excellence in Business Formations – Arizona (Acquisition International 2019 Legal Awards)
  • Warshawsky Seltzer has been featured in Attorney at Law Magazine, in an article authored by Vicki Hogue-Davies

Entrepreneur Magazine Award

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Best Lawyers Firms in America

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Our Outsourced General Counsel program provides is ideal for franchisors who want to succeed, avoid mistakes, and are:

  • Frustrated with attorneys who slow down deals
  • Suffering from short and long-term compliance issues
  • Tired of sales going bad because of Franchise Disclosure Document lapses
  • Wasting time and money on hourly billing
  • Looking to improve their franchise program
  • Dealing with difficult franchisees and need a system to maintain franchisee compliance
  • Looking for an experienced legal team to protect their system and help them grow

Our Outsourced General Counsel program provides to understand their goals, pain-points, and determine any blindspots they may have. 

  • We provide detailed compliance and planning guides, custom franchisee data collection, and more
  • We take the time to carefully tailor everything for your brand with clear explanations so you can be confident running your franchise system.
  • We will assign a brand manager, legal counsel, and compliance paralegal to your franchising project

We consistently serve as trusted Outsources General Counsel to a number of business owners involved in franchising, private label Manufacturing, licensing, distribution, asset purchase and sales, and stock transactions. Business agreements and transactions are critical to the viability and long-term success of any business.

Business Acquisitions, Purchase, and Sale Transactions

We represent clients in every aspect of business acquisitions and sales transactions including:

  • Asset-based transaction
  • Stock-based transaction
  • Stock and other integrated agreements

Noncompetition and consulting agreements

We represent start-up businesses, joint ventures, and large entities and corporate organizations.
Lease Agreements and Transactions

We help our clients negotiate and structure lease agreements. We are experienced in representing clients in the wholesale, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Partnership and Shareholder Agreements
At Warshawsky Law Group, we are familiar with the lapses in shareholder agreements and the issues that cause partnership disputes. Therefore, we work with our clients in designing partnership and shareholder agreements that are proactive and prevent future litigation risks.


Warshawsky Law Group is a non-traditional law firm revolutionizing the landscape of franchise legal services. Since our inception in 2013, we’ve backed up our commitment to deliver proactive, practical and pragmatic legal services of the highest quality while maintaining our predictable and affordable fee structures.

Intellectual Property and Trademark Protection

We support our clients at all stages of the trademark protection process from the initial searches and registration to the trademark protection and litigation.

License, Private Label, and Distribution Agreements

We work closely with our clients in expansion and business growth strategies and transactions involving the development of license, private label, and distribution agreements. The agreements are developed to achieve our client’s business interests and protect their assets while mitigating legal and regulatory risks.



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